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Mi traslado NexusTours en República Dominicana

My transfer with NexusTours in the Dominican Republic

By: Aya Sato

A few days ago, I bought my plane ticket, packed my clothes, and went on a trip to the Dominican Republic to see the wonders this paradise offers and enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

Before I arrived, I decided to book my transfer service from the airport to my hotel in Punta Cana with NexusTours. Besides having modern and fully-equipped vehicles with wifi, air conditioner, and security protocols with the highest quality standards, NexusTours is a company that was born in the Dominican Republic: they are the Local Experts!

When I arrived at Punta Cana airport, the staff welcomed me very cordially and with the highest-quality safety and hygiene standards. These include disinfectant gel, temperature taking, social distancing, disinfection of areas, and face mask use at all times. It made me feel safe during the trip, and I was able to verify their excellence in service.

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During my transfer, I talked to Rayner, NexusTours' representative. As it was my first time in the Dominican Republic and wanted to know and enjoy as much as possible, I asked him what his favorite excursion was. He told me that I must definitely go to Saona Island, a paradisiacal place, full of beautiful beaches, good music, typical dishes, and the best views to take pictures; besides visiting Puerto Plata. Of course, I took his recommendation and went to Saona Island, where I had a wonderful time, and the next day I went to Puerto Plata.

In Puerto Plata, I met Vidania, a representative of the northern area. I wanted to know his opinion about why the Dominican Republic is a destination that people have to visit at least once in a lifetime. Without hesitation, he told me:

"The Dominican Republic is one of the most geographically diverse countries in the Caribbean, offering visitors breathtaking mountain scenery, historic colonial architecture, and vibrant urban life. I can say that the kindness and warmth of its people is the greatest value of the Dominican Republic; you will experience the joy, music, and color of the Dominicans, no matter where you go in the country." And of course, it was like that!

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In Puerto Plata, I visited Central Park and the Fortress of San Felipe. I toked the cable car of Puerto Plata to observe the magnificent landscape and the entire town, from the Isabel de Torres mountain. I also taste Mamajuana's enigmatic flavor, the traditional liquor handmade from rum, honey, red wine, and herbs. You definitely have to try it!

Back in Punta Cana, I took the excursion to the Colonial City, where I met Frank, NexusTours destination expert. During the transfer, Frank told me that this was the first city built in the new world after America's discovery. I visited the first church and important national monuments that gave birth to the Dominican culture. Since it was my last day, I wanted to try a typical Dominican dish, so I asked him about his favorite. He told me to try "La Bandera Dominicana," a succulent combination of rice, beans, and meat, and it was delicious!

It was the day of my departure, and of course, I had already booked my transfer with NexusTours. The service arrived punctually at the hotel where I was staying. Victoria, an operations specialist, received me with all the security measures I mentioned at the beginning. I told her about the experience I had during my transfer, my stay, and the attention Vidania, Rayner, and Frank gave me. It was a pleasure to hear those words for her since they are always committed to quality service and the satisfaction of each traveler. When I arrived at the airport, I thanked Victoria, said goodbye to her, and got back home.

I have to say that the next time I return to the Dominican Republic, I will re-book my transfer with NexusTours. Widely recommended!

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