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Los mejores tours en Aruba que no pueden faltar en tu itinerario

The Best Tours to Add to Your Aruba Itinerary

As far the Caribbean is concerned, Aruba is one of the top destinations that comes to mind. Many tourists have Aruba at the top of their list and are dying to visit this gem of an island! From its beautiful white sand beaches to its being the wreck diving capital of the Caribbean, Aruba has something to satisfy every kind of traveler looking for a getaway. The Aruban culture will open your eyes to new possibilities in the Caribbean sea.

We all know the best way to experience a new culture is by exploring the destination to its fullest and taking all the tours the island has to offer. Lucky for you, NexusTours has an endless list of tours to take so that you can dive into the culture and explore the ends of this island. There are just a few tours in particular that we suggest you have on your itinerary when you visit Aruba, because they are not worth missing out on!


Have you ever thought of getting to know Aruba on a horseback?

I’m sure you can imagine yourself exploring this beautiful island by foot but can you imagine yourself exploring the island by horse? NexusTours is bringing you this adventurous experience with breathtaking views once you reach the top of the hill. The Natural Pool Horseback Tour, takes you on the back of a trained horse across the beach, through white sand dudes, and near the ocean sea. The tour ends at the natural pool where you will have the chance to swim in the Caribbean water.



If adrenaline is your thing, we have the perfect tour for you!

Another opportunity where you can discover the island abroad on a UTV. On the morning tour, you will visit the Bushiribana Gold Mines. On the afternoon tour, you will ride along Black Stone Beach with a professional guide by your side. Passing through the Arikok National Park and experiencing scenic views along the Tripod Natural Bridge. NexusTours often offers the UTV Tours both morning and afternoon tours to be flexible with your schedule. Fit us in at the type of the day you’re best ready for adventure!



Discover the nature of Aruba

Looking for nature and wildlife experience of the island? NexusTours has you covered! Our Aruba Fauna Tour is the perfect fit for you! This tour gives you an up close and personal view with the animals Aruba has to offer with background education provided by our trained staff. The Fauna tour highlights the ostrich farm where you will meet and learn about the natural habitat of the Aruban ostriches and emus. Following, you will visit the donkey sanctuary and learn more about Aruba's main mode of transportation before cars. Lastly, the tour will end at Phillip’s animal garden full of over 50 exotic species.


Want something quieter to connect with nature?

Yes, you can go on a hiking experience on an island in the Caribbean. Aruba is home to the Arikok National Park with breathtaking landscapes. The Arikok Hiking Tour is guided by the park rangers where you will see historical sites as well as the native flora and fauna. There are also many animals that call the Arikok National Park home that you will see, such as the endangered rattlesnakes, whiptail lizards, cat eyed snakes, and parakeets.

When we think of travel in the Caribbean, Aruba is the first destination that we recommend. There’s no other way to soak up the Caribbean ocean while experiencing world class tours that give you a taste of what the Aruban culture is all about. NexusTours has you covered when it comes to planning your itinerary to this dreamy destination. Head over to our things to do page and begin your search for more tours to add to your Aruba itinerary!