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Punta Cana: a paradise in the Dominican Republic

Punta Cana: a paradise in the Dominican Republic

Punta Cana has become the new favorite tourist destination for travelers all around the globe. This wonder is located in the eastern of the Punta Cana, and it is well known for the paradisaical beaches spanning over 30 km.

If you are wondering what to do during your next trip, let us tell you about this fantastic Caribbean destination's main attractions.



Enjoy beach, sun, and sea

Punta Cana stands out for its enchanting white-sand beaches and the turquoise blue sea, so peculiar of the Caribbean Sea.

Here you will find genuine paradises to relax and have fun. The best beaches to practice a wide variety of water activities such as diving, snorkeling, scuba, and kayaking are:

  • 1.- Bávaro Beach. The most luxurious and developed of the area. A place where you can find a diversity of aquatic experiences, such as riding a giant inflatable banana that sails up and down the coast at full speed.

  • 2.- Cortecito Beach. One of the most tourist-loved public beaches due to its warm people who offer boat-taxi services. Here you can hop onto a boat and pick your destination along the coast.

  • 3.- Arena Gorda Beach. Exclusive for those who truly seek peace, and perfect for relaxing. It was awarded the Blue Flag for being free of litter, and its name results from the wide sand strip between the sea and the tropical jungle. It is a favorite for those who practice parasailing, sailing, kite surfing, and sailing.

Discover the neighboring islands to the south of Punta Cana. The Saona Tourwill take you to these magical destinations. You won't be able to refuse a dip in the warm waters.


Practice a world-class sport like golf

Punta Cana stands out among the most booked destinations by this sport's fanatics. It boasts more than a dozen golf resorts.

Enjoy a round of Golf at Cana Bay or if you're looking for more of a challenge, try completing the Golf Punta Blanca 18 Holes. Perform your favorite pastime while contemplating the horizon where the sky merges with the turquoise Caribbean Sea.



Explore the sea

Tours Points is the best host to embark on one of those rides if you prefer, you can also join an excursion sailing at more than 35 km/h (21.7 mph).

Fishing is such an everyday activity for locals that we invite you to experience it with the Deep Sea Fishing activity. You will be amazed by the immense fish diversity and the adrenaline that you’ll find offshore. Show off your catch and even take a specimen home. However, always remember to be kind to nature.


Jump from the top of the sky

Feel that adrenaline pumping through your veins as you see the island from up in the sky. Go skydiving, parachuting, or paragliding. You will find all these experiences and more at Scape Park, one of the most famous adventure parks, known to be the one that most satisfaction gives to those who dare to visit.

In Punta Cana, you will discover various alternatives for those thrill-seekers looking for more. Try bungee jumping in Anamuya, a small town near Playa Arena Blanca. You won’t be able to help but scream as you fall into the void against the leafy canopy of the enormous trees.


Dive into crystal-clear waters

Throughout the Dominican Republic, there are countless cenotes, which are locally known as ojos de agua. A guided tour will help you better understand their history and learn more about the curious and unthinkable events that used to occur in them.

Besides experiencing these bodies of water, pamper yourself in one of the natural pools located in this destination with the Happy Hour by Marinarium activity.

Now you know if you're planning your next trip, think Punta Cana, the paradise of the Dominican Republic