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4 activities to enjoy nature in Punta Cana

4 activities to enjoy nature in Punta Cana

We all deserve to relax, free ourselves from stress and leave routine for a while. There is no better place to do so than in the heart of nature in Punta Cana.

This incomparable tourist paradise is one of the favorite ones for sun, sea, and sand lovers. It has unique natural attractions and spaces to connect with our inner self: paradisiacal beaches, refreshing forests, majestic mountains, and breathtaking landscapes.

Here we tell you the 4 activities to enjoy nature in Punta Cana


Live the adventure in the jungle

Punta Cana is the land where resorts coexist harmoniously with nature. National Parks, protected areas, cenotes, and other wild wealth are its main attraction.

One example is the Sendero Ecológico y Arqueológico Padre Nuestro (ecological and archeological trail). Located within the Parque Nacional de Cotubanamá (National Park). It is a sanctuary of endemic species such as reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, and birds you only find here.

Venture on similar tours in a Slingshot Ride or a Jeep Safari and ride in the middle of the forest. You will discover iconic tropical landscapes so characteristic of Punta Cana.

Do not miss the opportunity to traverse the jungle and explore the surroundings on horseback. Rides that will take you to appreciate the nearby villages, observe wildlife in its natural environment, feel the wind's coolness under the trees' shade, and even full gallop at sunset by the sea..



Enjoy marine life

If it's about marine flora and fauna, Punta Cana also has parks focused on underwater life, coral reef, aquatic museums and actual sunken pirate ship sightings. Visit the Manatee Park in Bavaro, Dolphin Island, or the Underwater Museum route. Learn about ocean life and how to harmoniously live with it

Dare to swim with dolphins, interact with sea lions, and better understand their behavior.

We advise you to do as many activities as you can to satisfy all your expectations.

Decide how you want to experience them, as there are from catamaran tours with glass bottoms to the option of scuba diving and swimming among marine species.



Conquer the sky

Another alternative to admire Punta Cana's nature is to contemplate it from the sky. Whether flying by helicopter or practicing skydiving, these experiences will allow you to appreciate impressive landscapes from unique angles.

Salto La Jalda by Helicóptero is one of the most requested due to La Jalda waterfall's beauty on Sierra's northern slope.

Fearless of heights, get ready for a parasailing trip with Power Fly Premium and feel your heartbeat to its fullest.

However, if you are looking for a more familiar experience, you should allow yourself to experience a high-altitude dinner in the company of family or friends.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino invites you to live the Dinner in the sky experience, a restaurant service that lifts diners into the skies.

Observe the city at 45 meters high, be amazed by the mountains' beauty, and gaze at the island's silhouette.


Explore caves and cenotes

For lovers of nature and the underground world, a visit to Cueva Fun-Fun inside the Parque Nacional de Los Haitises, Hoyo azul or Las Ondas located in Scape Park is not to miss.

Observe its natural hollow structure that is of enchantment and relax in its enigmatic waters. These are the most distinctive subway cenotes in the region.

Schedule a trip to Parque Ecológico Ojos Indígenas (ecological park). A 1,500-hectare complex made up of twelve natural freshwater lagoons where you can have a pleasant dip.

No matter your style of enjoying and coexisting with nature, there is no doubt that in Punta Cana, you will have the very best vacations.