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Curiosities of Puerto Vallarta that you should know before visiting Mexico

Curiosities of Puerto Vallarta that you should know before visiting Mexico

If this is your first time visiting Puerto Vallarta and you have no idea what to do in this destination, don't worry; this blog is your solution. Here are some curiosities about Puerto Vallarta that you should know before visiting this beautiful city.



Emotions made art

A place you should definitely visit in Puerto Vallarta is the boardwalk, where most of the city’s iconic sculptures are located. These are pieces of art that overflow with great beauty and emotion.

The authors capture the evolution of man, love, and make a tribute to women in works such as Vallarta Whale, The Millennium, Nostalgia, Triton and Mermaid, and many more.

All of them can be seen in the Discover Puerto Vallarta tour. You can also visit main tourist attractions such as the market and downtown.

During the same tour, contemplate fascinating beaches and waterfalls and, to finish off your day, stop by a tequila distillery where you can taste this delicious Mexican liquor. Who else wants to live this experience?



A treasure in the Sierra Madre

If what you want is to be filled with colours, traditions, and culture, the magical town of San Sebastian will captivate you. This place is an excellent option for travellers who want to live an authentic experience full of smiles.

The San Sebastian Tour shows you the most impressive and peaceful views of this magical town hidden within the Sierra Madre. Surrounded by old haciendas that invite you to explore Mexico and see it in a new light, you’ll be able to observe authentic scenes of traditional Mexican life.

Delight your palate with the traditional drink of Puerto Vallarta, the raicilla. To end the day, stroll through the Main Square, the Doña Conchita Museum, and the beautiful church of San Sebastian while enjoying a good artisan coffee.



The beach of love

Puerto Vallarta has many nooks and crannies to explore. One of them is located in the Marietas Islands, the beach of love.

This beach lives up to its name, as it envelops you in a peaceful atmosphere, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, inspiring you with the swaying of the waves.

The magical thing about the Marietas Islands is that you can only enter them by swimming. Don't you think it's a sensational idea? On the Marietas Islands Tour, you’ll hop on a beautiful sailboat to tour the sea of Puerto Vallarta.

Have a great day filled with discovery, snorkelling and exploring the abundant marine life of Jalisco. This is definitely an experience not to be missed.

Besides, you can take advantage of your visit to this destination this season to witness the sighting of humpback whales, part of the incredible marine biodiversity.

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