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Things you didn't know about Jamaica

Things you didn't know about Jamaica

Jamaica is known for its natural beauties so characteristic of the Caribbean Sea, its reggae music, and its incredible weather. This fantastic island is located in the South near Cuba. If you plan your next vacation, Jamaica definitely has to be on your list if you are looking for adventure, nature, delicious food, and unforgettable experiences.

But When is the best time to travel to Jamaica? You might be wondering. Since this destination has a tropical climate, we recommend you arrange your trip during October, November, and December for you to have an incredible time and enjoy everything it has to offer.



The charm of its capital city

Kingston is the capital city of Jamaica and is one of the largest cities in the country. When it comes to living a cultural experience, this is the ideal place. You can learn about its history and traditions.

During your trip to Jamaica, the must-see attractions should include the Hope Gardens, one of the biggest botanical gardens of the Caribbean, where you’ll discover the different species of plants that this beauty guards.

Uncover the secrets of one of Jamaica’s most influential personalities as you visit The Bob Marley Museum, and learn everything about this legendary musician. If you are an art lover, you need to visit the National Gallery of Jamaica to find Jamaican and Caribbean artists' work.

The variety of restaurants, nightclubs, and bars is ideal for having a blast when visiting Kingston's city. Join the islands magical vibe and delight yourself with local flavors and have a spectacular night while dancing to good music.


Breathtaking nature

Jamaica island is surrounded by rivers, waterfalls, and exuberant nature that will take you to live the most exciting vacation with adventure and eco-tourism activities.

Discover many flora, fauna, and mangrove species as you travel along the Black River. If you are lucky, you’ll be able to admire a crocodile from up close, these unique prehistoric beings. Don’t forget to enjoy the natural beauty and swim in the natural pools of the YS Falls. This tour is not to be missed!

Another spot you should definitely check out is Dunn's River Falls and Park, where you can spend a day in touch with nature, swim in its refreshing waters, and admire a landscape that will take your breath away.



An ideal place to live great adventures

You will undoubtedly be surprised by the number of adventure activities you can enjoy in Jamaica.

Bring out your adventurous spirit and take a bike tour vin the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This magical place is surrounded by coffee plantations and extraordinary biodiversity, ideal for eco-tourism enthusiasts.

Dare to discover this fantastic Caribbean destination and fall in love with its magic together with NexusTours.