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Where to hike in the Caribbean?

Where to hike in the Caribbean?

Hiking is a recreational activity where you walk along trails surrounded by nature. It is the perfect combination of doing sports and discovering cultural landscapes or natural environments.

There are fascinating places where you can practice this activity in the Caribbean. If you have always wanted to go hiking but have not yet taken the first step, this blog will reveal the ideal places to practice it, useful tips, and reasons why hiking is fun.


1. Jamaica's the Blue Mountains

Ah, how beautiful is Jamaica! What characterizes the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park is its vibrant green vegetation that will immediately revitalize you. This is our recommendation par excellence for travelers who like exotic destinations. It is the perfect place for camping, with well-crafted hiking trails and spectacular sunsets.

Although each destination has its weather peculiarities, one thing everyone agrees on is that you should wear appropriate clothing for hiking. Therefore, we recommend undershirts and leggings that feel like a second skin and quick-drying.

You should also wear hats and gloves, and of course, waterproof clothing. Not to mention the footwear such as waterproof boots, since sneakers can cause foot injuries.


2. Miravalles Volcano

This adventure is much better than a spa day, we bet. Tour the majestic Miravalles Volcanoin Costa Rica's North Pacific, where you'll find fabulous hiking trails.

Surrounded by green jungle is the Caño Negro National Wildlife Refuge. Find out the curiosities about the craters, steam vents, and springs that will make you reconnect with nature as you have never felt before in the Volcanic Adventure tour.

A geological tour will test your hiking skills, then relax in a mineral-rich mud pool. The beauty of Costa Rica is concentrated here, giving you a unique experience.


3. Gros Piton Mountain

At 798 meters in height, this is the second-highest mountain in Saint Lucia. The panoramic views offered by this majestic mountain are definitely not to be missed if you are a fan of hiking.

Did you know that this mountain is the symbol that exalts the black race? While the Petit Piton represents the white race. Both are an emblem of the island.

The Gros Piton Hike is the definitive guide to touring Saint Lucia. Go hiking like an expert, delight with the local gastronomy, and visit emblematic places such as the ancient villages of Anse La Raye and Canaries.

A golden tip we can also give you is to take a GPS and plenty of water to enjoy this recreational activity at its best.

Venturing into the middle of the jungle, desert, or any other place can cause fear, but we believe this experience is completely worth it. And with this basic guide for hiking, we are sure that it will become your favorite activity. Plus, you can always count on a reliable guide if you decide to explore these trails with us!

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