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Luxury Sunset Sailing

Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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You and your partner, looking at the sunset in the Riviera Maya coastline… I don’t know, think about it.

Feel the peace of navigating through the Mexican Caribbean while you contemplate the last rays of sunlight.


For those looking for a moment together in the paradise of the Mexican Caribbean.

Can you imagine a romantic getaway, over calm waters, and with first-class service?

About this activity

What to do

You need to experience the Luxury Sunset Sailing Riviera Maya! What is better than a sunset in the Riviera Maya? Come aboard incredible catamarans and relax in the majestic coasts of the Riviera Maya. Navigate over calm turquoise waters in the Mexican Caribbean and observe the unparalleled landscapes of white sand surrounded by an exuberant jungle. Enjoy the open bar and delicious appetizers. Luxury Sunset Sailing is the perfect romantic getaway, over calm waters, and with first-class service. Observe the color-changing sky and appreciate the magic of Caribbean sunsets.

What to bring

  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Wear sunglases
  • Bring extra cash
  • Bring sweater
  • Wear suitable clothing for the activity

About this ticket

Ticket fare: Luxury Sunset Sailing

Transfer: Included , we pick you up and drop you at Hotel lobby

Minimum Age to Participate: 10+

Languages: English, Español, Français,

Not Included in this fare:

  • Photos
  • Tips

Things to know


  • Transportation to/from hotels
  • Non-alcoholic drinks
  • Alcoholic drinks/open bar
  • Snacks or box lunch
  • Guide
  • Security team

Additional charges: N/A

Safety recommendations: N/A

Conditions for children: N/A

Camera and professional equipment: 

  • It’s the participant’s responsibility if cameras/equipment or recordings are damaged.


  • No wheelchair access.