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Freedom Fishing 32 ft

Golfo De Papagayo, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
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Long live sport fishing! Navigate Papagayo Bay on a fishing adventure.

Get ready for an epic adventure chasing the giants of the seas - marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, and dorado.


If you are passionate about fishing and adventure, this is your chance for an unforgettable experience in the waters of Costa Rica.

Aboard a comfortable 32-foot boat, you can enjoy a boxed lunch or an exquisite dish with the catch of the day. It all depends on the duration of your activity.

About this activity

What to do

Aboard the Freedom, an impressive 32-foot yacht for 5 passengers, you will navigate the crystal clear waters of the majestic Papagayo Bay. Feel the adrenaline rush as you cast your line in search of the golden fish. Costa Rica hides underwater treasures that are waiting to be discovered by fearless fishermen like you.

You will be able to choose between two options for the duration of your activity, half day with 4 hours or full day with 8 hours.

Your pulse will race as you set sail from the beach of your hotel, embarking on an exciting fishing adventure with the experienced crew. They will skillfully navigate towards the best fishing grounds in search of marine trophies. With luck and your experience, you may catch imposing marlin, swift sailfish, huge tuna, or agile dorados.

Depending on the duration of the activity you choose, you can enjoy an exquisite dish of the day's catch. The crew will be able to prepare it for you, or you can get a boxed lunch. In case you wish to take your food back to the mainland for dinner, they can pack it so you can enjoy it as you wish.

What to bring

  • Bring swimsuit
  • Bring towels
  • Use biodegradable sunblock
  • Wear hat or cap
  • Bring extra cash
  • Bring insect repellent
  • Bring sandals
  • Bring copy of passport

About this ticket

Ticket fare: Freedom Fishing Half Day 32 ft

Minimum Age to Participate: 6+

Languages: English, Español,

Not Included in this fare:

  • Transportation to/from hotels
  • Tips
  • Additional services available

Things to know


  • Meals (8 hours) Subject to availability.
  • Boxed lunch (4 hours) Subject to availability
  • Fishing equipment

Additional charges:

  • Any service not specified within the activity.

Safety recommendations:

  • Children under 6 years old are not allowed on board.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women.
  • The use of safety equipment according to the activity is not optional.
  • The use of the facilities is under the responsibility of each visitor, who is also held responsible for any accidents and/or injuries that may occur.

Children's conditions:

  • All minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Cameras and professional equipment:

  • N/A


  • Wheelchair access is not available.


  • For activities where transportation is included, please contact us to confirm pick up time.