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Eco Tour Antigua

Antigua And Barbuda
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Antigua invites you to an unforgettable journey aboard a catamaran on the crystal clear waters of North Sound.

The journey to the top of Great Bird Island awaits you to reveal dreamlike landscapes. Feel the white sand under your feet


The perfect tour for snorkelers and beach paradise lovers.

Put on your snorkel and explore Antigua's waters, visit Maiden Island and the exotic Hell's Gate Island.


Visit Jumby Bay, a site where a turtle conservation project has been operating since 1987.

The catamaran stops in the water for a moment to tell you about the world's largest hawksbill turtle research program.

About this activity

What to do

Discover the exciting ecological tour of Antigua, a unique experience to admire the beautiful scenery while sailing through the crystal clear Caribbean Sea.

Start your journey to the top of Great Bird Island, and meet the beaches and coral formations full of life. Continue to visit the paradisiacal Jumby Bay site. Did you know about the incredible turtle conservation project? It has been in existence since 1987 and happens to be the largest hawksbill turtle research program in the world!

Head to Maiden Island and see the impressive reef system found there. It consists of about 3,500 precast concrete modules designed to mimic natural reefs.

Explore this beautiful underwater world with your companions!

Don't forget to visit Hell's Gate Island before you finish your exploration. The island offers an incredible view of the Caribbean Sea and exotic marine fauna.

What to bring

  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Bring swimsuit
  • Bring towels
  • Use biodegradable sunblock
  • Wear hat or cap
  • Wear sunglases
  • Bring extra cash

About this ticket

Ticket fare: Eco Tour Antigua

Minimum Age to Participate: All ages

Languages: English,

Not Included in this fare:

  • Tips
  • Souvenirs
  • Towel

Things to know


  • Food (menu not specified) Subject to availability.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Guide (English language)
  • Snorkeling equipment

Additional charges:

  • Services not specified within the tour.

Safety recommendations:

  • The use of safety equipment according to the activity to be performed is not optional.
  • The use of equipment and facilities is under the responsibility of each visitor, as well as any accidents and/or injuries that may occur.

Conditions for children:

  • Minors must be supervised by their parents or accompanying adults at all times.

Cameras and professional equipment: N/A


  • Wheelchair accessible. 


  • Meeting points are Jolly Harbour, Royalton Antigua hotel beach and Dickenson Bay. Times may vary and depend on whether or not there is a cruise ship arriving at the port. Contact us to arrange the time and pickup point.