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Cenotes, underground wonders in Cancun

Cenotes, underground wonders in Cancun

What are Cenotes?

Freshwater, a natural space, and peace, the cenotes are the perfect place to connect with the nature of Cancun and Tulum.

When swimming in a cenote, you swim in crystal-clear, chilly water. These natural pools have dense depths you can plunge into from the top, an activity of incomparable adrenaline. They even provide numerous health benefits and are an excellent place to meditate.

The Riviera Maya has numerous cenotes worth admiring and discovering. An estimated seven thousand cenotes exist around the Yucatan Peninsula, but only a small number of them are open to the public. The Yucatan Peninsula has four types of cenotes; open, semi-open, ancient and cavern.

Nowadays, they are one of the most popular natural attractions in the Riviera Maya. However, the Mayans considered them as sacred places where religious and spiritual practices were carried out since they believed the cenotes to be the entrance to the underworld. Hence, the existence of underground caves with animal fossils and other vestiges.

In our latest blog, we will reveal our best tours to visit the most beautiful and crystalline cenotes for you to spend an unmatched moment with your couple or family.


    Mayan Adventure

  • 1.- All the wonders of the Riviera Maya can be found on this tour: beach, cenote, and freshwater river. What all three have in common is the refreshing waters, the breathtaking scenery, and the incredible time you will have in all of them.

    This magical Mayan experience begins with a tourist favorite activity: snorkeling. It’s time to be amazed by the coral reefs that Cancun has to then enter the heart of the Mayan jungle and into a freshwater river.

    Marvel at the exotic endemic species of the area while swimming and exploring amazing caves. To end this fascinating day, relax in a cenote and enjoy a ‘light show,’ where the sun takes all the credit as it reflects off the crystal clear waters and creates a sparkling effect right before your eyes.

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    Underwater World

  • 2.- Explore the jungle trails on this unmissable tour through the Mayan jungle that leads you to a cenote with a gentle water flow, perfect letting yourself be carried away.

    Snorkeling here is like immersing yourself on another planet or another era. Wherever you look and go, it is the perfect spot to take impressive underwater photos or to admire stalactite and stalagmite formations.

    Also, once you arrive at the beach, you will find the beautiful Mesoamerican reef and discover everything from colorful and tropical fish to sea turtles.

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    Entrance to Rio Secreto

  • 3.- Would you like to visit the Mayan underworld? In this mystical tour, you will see and experience up close all the magic that surrounds Xibalbá.

    Explore the largest partially flooded cavern in the Yucatan peninsula and experience the most fascinating 90 minutes of your vacations in Cancun on a tour that will leave you in awe of fantastic natural glass galleries more than a kilometer long.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to venture out on each of these tours which, by the way, come with a buffet lunch for you to taste local dishes, with flavors that have been passed down from one generation to another. Experience first-hand the natural wonders that make the Riviera Maya the perfect destination!

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