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Cancun ... 50 years of sun, sand and sea.

Cancun ... 50 years of sun, sand and sea.

Cancun is one of the most important vacation destinations in Mexico. With its famous white sand beaches, turquoise waters and warm climate, it has become a favorite spot for national and international vacationers, and a home for thousands of people who have fallen in love with its immeasurable beauty.

Founded in 1970, Cancun is much more than a tourist site; it's a unique destination whose great multicultural identity, history, and endless natural wonders have earned a place in the places-to-visit lists but also in the heart of every traveler. How many unforgettable memories have shared our beaches!

This April 20, 2020, Cancun celebrates 50 years since its foundation. As in any celebration, a large number of events, exhibitions, and commemorative products were organized for this important anniversary. A photographic collection of the history of Cancun in Mexico City, a postage stamp, a commemorative coin, as well as special editions of beer, tequila, and mezcal will be part of this important date. A yacht parade and a massive concert will be part too, but not for now, for the safety of all Cancun's residents and visitors.

Although at this time it is not possible to celebrate Cancun with great fanfare, as it deserves, on this special date, we want to celebrate and applaud each person involved in the origin and development of this beautiful Caribbean city; those who arrived with the dream of turning hidden trials surrounded by jungle into one of the most important destinations in Mexico and the world; those who work every day to keep alive this dream destination: those have found in Cancun a place to call home.

This 2020, we will celebrate the 50 years of Cancun from a distance, in our homes, preparing ourselves to receive our visitors soon and getting ready to celebrate Cancun in the following years.

For 50 more years to come, congratulations, dear Cancun!