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Saving and Traveling is Possible

Saving and Traveling is Possible

Traveling and saving are sometimes considered as being opposites, traveling means spending big amounts of money, especially in regards to accommodations and flights. With the spent amount increasing little by little when you pay necessities such as food, transportation, and unforeseen expenses.

However, where there’s a will there’s a way! If your wish is to visit more than one country or if you are traveling on a very tight budget, whatever the reason is, the following tips will help you experience the country you’ll be visiting saving as much as possible

Travel during the low season

The best time to travel at the best prices is during the months where children are still in school. Summer and winter flights are especially pricey. Try to make it work and be flexible when choosing your days off. There’s always the added bonus of less crowed sites when traveling during these dates.

There are other options besides a hotel

Hotels can be very comfortable, but expensive as well. In recent years, the possibilities have expanded, and getting cheap accommodations or even free accommodations can be really easy. Couchsurfing has become popular with solo travelers, and staying in hostels is also an option for groups of friends who wish to interact with other travelers. It’s not for everyone, but if this is up to your alley, then it’s a great option.

Location, location

On the same note, choose your accommodations according to the activities you have planned. If possible, stay in a place that is close by the sites you’ll visit or make sure the public transportation system is easy to access from where you are; it will save you a lot of money on commuting. However, if the attractions you are visiting are in tourist areas, accommodations can get expensive, think about staying on the outskirts, though keep in mind your commute time will be longer.

Look for free activities

Many cities, especially the ones that receive tourism, have free activities or offer free days in certain historical sites or museums. It is best to research these in advance and arrive with a set plan that will save you a lot of money because they are free! Kayaking on the river, free entrance to museums, free guided tours around a historical castle, bike rentals, you name it.

Eat local

Especially if what you are looking for is an authentic experience, try to stay away from elegant restaurants and head to the streets. Ask locals about their favorite places to eat, one that’s both delicious and cheap. They are sure to suggest some mom and pop restaurants that will afford you an incredible experience, with the added bonus of being inexpensive.

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