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The Ghost town of Yucatan

The ghost town of Yucatan

Mexico is a country full of customs and traditions. And behind all of them, there is a social fabric full of popular knowledge, beliefs, stories and legends that, over the years, from generation to generation, have been forming this great and multicolored mosaic that we call culture.

And it is precisely in these stories and legends that people tell, in their own way, what happens around them and try to explain even the inexplicable. Such is the case of the ghost town of Misnebalam, in the Yucatan peninsula.

Located at kilometer 17 of the Mérida - Progreso highway, Misnebalam is what remains of a henequen plantation in the Santa Maria Yaxche village. In the Mayan language, its name means 'jaguar tail': Misné, cat tail, and Balám, jaguar.

In 1921, when in this place was prosperous thanks to the production of henequen and the town was inhabited by more than 150 people, the owner, Don Fidencio G. Marquez was murdered on the sac-beh (white path in Mayan) that connects San Ignacio village to his farm.


This event still documented in the Yucatan’s Library. As a result, strange things began to happen, apparitions and events that frightened the inhabitants. However, the most commented case is "Juliancito", a little boy of 9 years old who still running and playing in the streets of this village...

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And that's not all! The people also talk of a monk who climbs to the roof of the church in a black tunic and opens his arms forming a cross. Shocking laughter, voices, noises and abandoned houses that turn on their lights in the middle of the night are also part of the paranormal events of this ghost town in Yucatan, which by the pass of the time became uninhabited.

Whether you dare to visit Misnebalam or not, during your vacation in the beautiful state of Yucatan, you can't miss the impressive archaeological site of Ek Balam. Although it's not as well known as Chichen Itza, it is owner of some of the most well-preserved sculptures of the great Mayan civilization. From the top of its principal pyramid, you'll be able to appreciate the lush Mayan jungle!