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What are the best destinations for freediving?

What are the best destinations for freediving?

One of the biggest challenges of being a bodyboarder in the Caribbean is that we don't always have waves. Who practices this sport depends on the wind, rain, luck, hurricane season, and almost on the alignment of the stars...

That's why, since I started competing seven years ago, I had no choice but to take a dip into the pool to, at least, get good training for the Pacific waves –the name of that non-tranquil ocean is a complete irony...-. And so, little by little, my adventurous and competitive spirit led me to participate in Open Water competitions and to enter the world of freediving.

Freediving is an extreme sport that consists of holding your breath while you try to reach the maximum depth or the maximum distance possible. The Mexican Caribbean is perfect for practicing it because it has countless cenotes throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, and the visibility of the Caribbean Sea is incredible.

But this is not the only NexusTours destination ideal for freediving; from the Baja California peninsula to Costa Rica, including most of the Caribbean islands, this area is full of underwater scenarios that will leave you breathless. Let's discover them!



Home of the last 2019 World Freediving Championship, this incredible destination has much to offer to depths lovers. In addition to having the appropriate infrastructure to ensure safety and comfort to participants, the waters of this region of the Caribbean are simply spectacular.

Since 2013, Roatan's calm turquoise waters with its few currents have also hosted the Caribbean Cup Roatan Freediving Competition. This last is one of the most important events of this sport, which brings together the best athletes in the world, who can surpass the 100-meter depth barrier with just one breath!



Located within a bay west of Clarence Town, on Long Island Bahamas, Dean's Blue Hole is one of the most enigmatic places to practice freediving. Although it is the second deepest in the world, its more than 200 meters have witnessed numerous world records, including that of legendary Alexey Molchanov, who reached 129 meters in 2017.

This huge saltwater pool is also home to numerous species of fish, such as snappers and horse mackerel, as well as turtles and rays. And because a natural rock amphitheater shelters it, neither wind nor waves affect its visibility, which extends to a depth of 30 meters.


Los Cabos

Named "the world's aquarium" by the famous French oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Cabo Pulmo National Park in Los Cabos is a real paradise, both for divers and freedivers.

Beyond the depths, the diversity of pelagic marine life here is truly majestic. Here you can do freediving surrounded by schools of manta rays, countless fish, turtles, and sharks. You can also explore sunken ships and colorful reefs. The underwater landscape of Cabo Pulmo is, without a doubt, one of Mexico's best-kept treasures and an experience that freediving enthusiasts should not miss.

Whatever NexusTours destination you choose to practice freediving, make sure you do it accompanied by expert safety divers and with properly-established centers or schools. Ah! And if you know of any other destination you would like to recommend, write to us!