Panama City

Panama City

Panama City Overview

Panama City is considered one of the most attractive capitals across Central America. This is due to its interesting mix of history and modernity. This is a place that can offer culture and traditions while the latest trends and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Feel the Latin personality of Panama in its parks and museums, as well as its skyscrapers and avenues, and we cannot forget the local life! We are sure you will find fun, entertainment and many activities to do in the amazing city of Panama!


It is said that this beautiful city is divided into 3 parts according to their seniority. Panama Viejo is the original construction of the city, here you can explore the history of the first settlers of the area and enjoy an interesting cultural visit. In turn, the Old Town is considered the following settlement in the development of the city. Enjoy colonial architecture in churches, plazas and beautiful parks. Finally, we have the modern facet of Panama; located in a beautiful bay, this shopping district offers its visitors modern shopping malls, restaurants, art exhibits and more.

Things to do in Panama City

There are all kinds of activities in this vibrant and exciting city! We recommend taking one of the many tours that take you through the most important districts of Panama. You will also have the opportunity to explore Amador Causeway, a very popular road, and admire the skyscrapers, the famous Panama Canal, the Bridge of the Americas and other attractions. Do not forget the nightlife! The city has a lively atmosphere in bars and clubs that will make you dance all night. You can also find shopping centers, local markets and casinos.

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