Boca Chica & Juan Dolio

Boca Chica & Juan Dolio

Boca Chica & Juan Dolio Overview

We present two beach destinations you cannot miss on your next visit to the Dominican Republic! Boca Chica and Juan Dolio are towns that have virtually everything to complete a dream vacation in the Caribbean. Both beaches are conveniently located close to Santo Domingo, providing easy and fast access. Here you will find some of the best attractions available, luxury hotels, turquoise waters, water sports, white sand beaches and of course the most fun tours of the island. After your visit, we are certain you will be able to choose your favorite and what tours you liked best in each of them are. We highly recommend visiting these two tourist destinations surrounded by turquoise sea and tropical rainforest, offering endless options for the whole family!


Both Boca Chica and Juan Dolio are located in a beautiful coastal area of Dominican Republic. The beaches, tropical scenery and sunsets are mixed with a lively local life that ensures you fun during your entire stay. These attractions are very close to Santo Domingo, making it easy to reach and enjoy all the tourist spots along the way. This also makes Boca Chica on one of the busiest of all the island resorts. It has a beautiful bay where all kinds of water activities are carried out in addition to two small islands where wildlife is important for its diversity and abundance. Besides nature, this area is rich in history as it has seen the development of the Dominican Republic led by its renowned international tourism.

Things to do in Boca Chica & Juan Dolio

Boca Chica is a vibrant town that always has something new to offer. Souvenir shops, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and a spectacular beach. We are confident that your visit will turn into unique vacation experience, all you need is here! In turn, the beach of Juan Dolio has a more laid-back mood than its neighbor destination. However, it also has all the amenities you are looking for in your vacation. From water sports and adventure tours to scuba diving, golf and exclusive hotels, we assure you that your visit to the Dominican Republic will be unique in these two spectacular Caribbean destinations. Have fun, laugh, dance and enjoy the perfect day in Boca Chica and Juan Dolio!

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