Guanacaste Papagayo y Alrededores

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Horseback Congo Trail

Explore the natural wonders of Costa Rica countryside while enjoying a tranquil horseback ride. On the journey you will see stunning sceneries of lush vegetation and will get a cha...
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Blue River

Magnificent waterfalls, botanical gardens, an awesome Butterfly Garden, hot spring pool, and the opportunity to choose between a peaceful stroll to the Dinosaur Park or a thrilling...
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Aerial Pass

Fly like Superman, swing like Tarzan and defy heights with the Quick jump. Get ready for a fun-packed adventure in Costa Rica, get ready for Aerial Pass!
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Adventure Pass

Fly over the tree tops like Superman, swing like Tarzan ten meters high, and test your valor through the challenging free fall of the Quick Jump ride.
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Canopy Congo Trail

Fly over tree tops on an exciting zipline circuit and enjoy the lush biodiversity of Costa Rican forest!
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Sunset Snorkel Sailing Tour

For a half-day treat, the Sunset Snorkel Sailing Tour is an exciting sail to a fine sandy, untouched beach. Snorkel with the guide at a beautiful reef to admire marine life, then s...
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Tenorio Rafting

This is a great aquatic adventurous route over 8 miles long through Tenorio River. Test your rafting skills on a full of adrenaline and fun experience!
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Volcanic Adventure

Walk among sulfur springs, fumaroles and craters, and witness the geological activity of Miravalles Volcano. Feel how this warm land breathes -as the locals say- .pura vida. and ...
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Arenal Volcano & Hot Springs

Discover the huge diversity of flora and fauna surrounding the magestic Arenal volcano. Walk down its slopes among the lush tropical forest, later enjoy the hot springs pools that...
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