Freeport Overview

The Bahama Island, is named after the Spanish meaning “Shallow Water”.  This magical location is made up of around 700 islands and 2000 ecological oasis formed on coral reefs,  and surrounded by the most beautiful breathtaking turquoise Caribbean waters.  With visibility of over 200 feet you can see why it is known to have the clearest waters in the world and the third largest barrier reef.

Where ever you are in the Bahamas you are given a friendly welcome and everyone is always happy to help, english is the main language so you will not have any problems communicating and crime in general is non existent.


For centuries travellers have been captivated by The Bahamas Islands, the islands and channels have been used for traders, invaders and pirates who know all of the great hiding places. The island is full of history and stories of pirates and treasures but it is the people on the island today that make the destination so beautiful. The islands are blessed with year round warm weather, with lows in winter of around 70 degs and in summer around 80 to 90. Like the rest of the Caribbean there is a hurricane season which runs from June to November and rainy season is year round, how ever the squalls pass quickly and will never ruin your day.

Every day in the Bahamas is a celebration of their rich culture, way of life and proud heritage,  they express their diversity through art, lively music and dance. You can see the pride that they have for their home and each other. Don’t be shy or afraid to join in the festivities.

Things to do in Freeport

Once you land at the Bahamas International airport the fun begins, be prepared for a vacation that will enliven your body, mind and soul. Today The Bahamas Islands are a haven for water adventures and activities, such as snorkeling, diving, sailing, kayaking, wind surfing and much more. The reef that calls thousands of marine life home is the third largest in the world, best advice is to make sure you have a waterproof camera to capture the beauty. Away from the beach you can go on the City and village tour, visit Freetown and Ben’s cave, one of the worlds largest underwater caverns, go swimming with dolphins and to top the day of a bonfire on the beach at night.

Given your location make sure to try the local seafood dishes, the “rock lobster” is a must and to wash it down with a local beer like a Kalik or Sands. In general you will find many international flavors but you can’t go past the local Bahamas unique spices and flavors. For families, romance or just a trip away The Bahama Islands has everything covered.


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