Antigua Overview

On the magical Antigua, travelling is a fantastic experience! Its corrugated coasts shelter exotic marine life and warm enamel-blue water, while the bays have provided refuge for everyone from buccaneers to yachties. Its legacy stems from the fusion of African culture and British colonialism so, there’s a distinct English accent to this island. You'll find it in the capital St John's, in the English Harbour, and in the historic forts and other vestiges of the colonial past. Yet, Antigua is full of colorful villages, calypso music, nature and locals that greet you with wide smiles.


The official language of Antigua is English, although locals sometimes use a dialect which might take you a little time to tune into. No need to worry! People are always willing to help at all times, with a warm attitude and good humor. Also, this paradise is one of eastern Caribbean’s sunnier islands. Depending on which season, its tropical weather may vary between 70° F and 85°F. The coolest months of the year are January and February, while the warmest are July and August.

Things to do in Antigua

Antigua boasts 365 beaches open to public and made of white sand, which offer an exceptional landscape and many fun activities inside and out the sea, for you to do. In other words, there’s one beach for each day of the year, except in a leap year; then you have the perfect excuse to revisit your favorite! But if you love to go shopping, you’ll find Antigua has a wide variety of stores and boutiques, some with duty free purchases available; from small handicraft stalls, to clothing and high-end merchandise venues. And of course, this breathtaking island is full of history, so you may take a dip in the past and discover the secrets that its legendary streets hide.

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