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Black River Safari & YS Falls

Jamaica’s longest river, the Black River, is no ordinary waterway; it is home to crocodiles, mangroves and lots of exotic birds. On this trip you’ll drive through forested m...
From $90.00 $81.00
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Yaaman Basic & Dolphin

Visit the very best of Jamaica on this Yaaman Basic & Dolphins adventure!
From $171.00 $136.80
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Yaaman All Inclusive & Dolphin

Jamaica awaits for you with open arms with the Yaaman All Inclusive & Dolphins tour.
From $221.00 $176.80
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Negril Beach & Sunset

Spend a day exploring the town of Negril and the seven miles of white sandy beach caressed by the azure blue of the Caribbean Sea and watch the unforgettable sunset at Rick’s Caf...
From $40.00 $36.00
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Reggae & Culture

Have a glimpse at what life looks like away from the Jamaican tourist strip and visit the place where the legendary ‘King of Reggae’, Bob Marley, was born and where he was laid...
From $89.00 $80.10
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Dolphin Cove Swim

Enjoy a kiss, try a dance, get a splash or two and have a real up close experience with these magnificent creatures. Enjoy the best dolphin swim experience, at Dolphin Cove Ocho Ri...
From $171.00 $136.80
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