Why choose Aruba for your next vacation?

Why choose Aruba for your next vacation?

We know you have worked really hard all year and deserve time to relax and enjoy the perfect getaway in the Caribbean. Aruba is a very popular destination, either you are young or old, there’s always something to offer for every family and visitor, all will have a great time on the island.

You will be hypnotized by the white sand, clear blue water, the sun, hospitality and friendliness of its people and various activities, nightlife, shopping and excellent restaurants.

Aruba has beaches of all shapes and sizes. The beaches of Aruba are widely considered to be among the cleanest, widest, and most spectacular in the Caribbean region, they are unlike any others! The Eagle Beach is one of the top ten beaches in the world.

Most resorts offer family activities and besides the beaches, there are plenty of adventurous activities to make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

The best way to get to see the sights is with the Aruba Highlights Tour. Discover everything about Aruba’s culture and history with this really good day tour. You will visit the famous Aloe Vera Factory, Alta Vista Chapel, the California Light House, and explore the Casibari Rock Formation.

Aruba highlights

Do something different than lying down on the beach all day, with many different sights and natural attractions, the Full Day Jeep Safari will make you explore much more on the island – there is a lot to see on the island like the Gold Mine Ruins. There is also another special way to go around Aruba, you can ride along the stunning Arikok National Park on a majestic horse and watch breathtaking panoramic views.

Full Day Jeep Tour

If you are more the aquatic-type you can enjoy a great view of coral formations and marine life; the Explore Aruba Tour will take you to swim and snorkel to the Arahi Beach. Aruba’s sunsets are spectacular, a very nice way to enjoy the show is on the Havana’s Sunset Cruise. Spend time with your friends and meet new ones with the Pub Krawl, our nightlife tour on hand painted buses.

Havanas Sunset Cruise

Now that you know what to expect, don’t resist! We guarantee that your first visit to Aruba will not be your last! Make sure to get the most of your first visit to Aruba with our tours and deals.

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